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New Additions to Web Site:
Camp Memories: George's letters have been added to the "Letters" section.
Camp Memories: A new page of Remembrances has been added.

Camp Notebook: The Commanders section is now open.

Map-Location Activity for Adults & Children
This activity consists of using two pages of photos and a map. The pages have photos of camp buildings which are identified as to what they were and where they were located in the camp. The map is a condensed map of the camp in 1943-44. Not all the street names or numbers are listed so it will take some thinking and perhaps some team-work to find where the photo was located on the map.
For those that live near the old camp area (located in Transfer, PA in the area called Reynolds) you might want to actually go out and physically see where these buildings were and see what is there now.
Page & Map Files to View/Download/Print:  Page 1    Page 2    Map
Hint: Numbered Streets are 1 through 27.
Hint: Lettered Streets are A & B & C & D & E Streets
Note: The Pages and Map are PDF files which can be downloaded or viewed on your computer with Adobe Reader. The actual size of the pages and map are 17'' by 11''. To print them out in the actual size you may need to have them printed at a printing or copy place that can print that size.
A Misc Camp Reynolds Page is also available which shows where the camp was in relation to what is there now plus photos of the Camp's Historical Marked and the camp's former safe... Click Here to View/Download/Print

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Camp Reynolds Bulletin Board

Speaking Engagements

East Springfield PA
Senior Center
Tuesday 4/25/2017

Golden Corral
Hermitage PA

Camp Reynolds Displays

Read Across America
Reynolds Elementary School
4 PM - 8 PM
Transfer PA

1943 Camp Phonebook

Camp Travel Form

Donated by Phil Haggerty