Camp Reynolds Activity - Metal Detecting on former Camp Site - 10/17/2015
On Saturday October 17th 2015 the North Pittsburgh Past Finders Metal Detecting Club traveled up to the former site of Camp Reynolds, a World War II army base to search for relics from the days when the camp was in operation.
In August Art Williams, the Camp Reynolds Project Manager, was contacted by the club’s president, Tony Klauscher expressing interest in having the club make a trip up to do metal detecting. Later in August two club members, Dan Gabler, Retired Air Force Lt. Colonel, and Frank Sikora, former curator of the Soldiers & Sailors Museum in Pittsburgh, came up to the area to meet with Art to check out suitable sites for metal detecting. After a tour of the camp area it was determined there were a variety of good locations.
Permission was granted on five different locations. On these properties were the former locations of the Camp’s Finance office, one of the Officer’s Clubs, a Recreation Hall, an area where there were soldier’s barracks, and an area near the POW stockade.
The Past Finders arrived in the area on Saturday October 17th around 10 PM. Twelve members made the trip ranging in age from 40 to 81. The group moved from site to site taking a food and drinks break at Sheetz after the second location and then proceeded to the remaining three locations.
The "finds" for the day included a lot of old metal pieces, a bullet, a coin, a bowling trophy, a four-bladed metal arrow tip, and a dog tag of a former soldier at the camp.
After an enjoyable day the group stopped at the former Cianci's restaurant around 4 PM before heading back to Pittsburgh.
The Camp Reynolds Project would like to thank Carol, Steve, Jeff, Nando and Jerry, the property owners/representatives, for allowing access to their properties.