Camp Reynolds Historical Marker Put Back Up - 12/19/2013
The Camp Reynolds State Historical Marker was put back up on 12/19/13. The marker is located just below where the camp's headquarters had been and where the original flag pole still stands, on Route 18, North Hermitage Road near 10th Street.
The marker which was originally put up in 1994 was hit by a vehicle in 1999 and stolen. The marker was missing for 13 years. In June 2013 the marker was recovered with the help of Dion Magestro, by Art Williams, the Camp Reynolds Project Manager.  The damaged marker was repaired and put back up by Clearfield Electric (owner Les Turner), located in Clearfield, PA who has a state contract to repair state historical markers. 
Short articles from the Sharon Herald Newspaper and Greenville Record Argus Newspaper
Photo: Clearfield Electric crew putting the Camp Reynolds Historical Marker back up.