Camp Reynolds Research - Mercer Theater T-1580 - 3/22/2014
A research group including Art Williams, Camp Reynolds Project Manager along with local resident Gary Griswold, Trevor, his son, and Nick Nottingham set out to determine the dimensions of Theater T-1580 known as Mercer Theater, one of the five theaters that was at Camp Reynolds.
The property at the original location of the theater had not been developed since the time of the camp's closing in 1946. There were no standing remains. The only visible remains were the front and side steps, the fallen chimney, the cement foundation pads, and the broken up and eroded concert floor.
Aided by a photo of what the Theater looked like during the Camp Reynolds days the group was able to determine that the theater was 60' wide and 140' long. The length included a sloped section 66' slope and a flat section 74'. Behind the theater's back wall there was a 30' by 16' cement slap. Besides the front steps there was also a set of side steps on the northern side of the theater.
Note: The first four theaters were given the names of local towns.  Transfer - Greenville - Mercer - Sharon