Camp Reynolds Project Conducts First Tour - 5/29/2014

The Camp Reynolds Project gave its first tour of the former army camp area on May 29, 2014. Tony and Mary Jane Liscio from Sharon were the first to take the tour. The tour was conducted by Art Williams the Camp Reynolds Project Manager.

The tour covered the approx. 2500 acres the former Camp Reynolds occupied from June 1942 to February 1946. There were ten Tour Points which included stops at the former areas of the Rifle n Pistol Range, the POW Stockade, the warehouse area, the water towers, and 10th Street where the campís headquarters was located. The tour ended at the Camp Reynolds State Historical Marker which stands alongside Route 18 (N. Hermitage Road)  near 10th Street in the Reynolds area.
The tour also include a stop at the Covered Bridge on the Shenango River.
Photo: Covered Bridge on Shenango River


Photo: Tony & Mary Jane by Marker