Camp Reynolds Historical Marker Recovered - 6/28/2013
#1 Goal Realized
Missing for 13 years, the Camp Reynolds Historical Marker has been recovered.
After being hit by a vehicle in December of  1999, the marker was stolen.
Toward the end of May 2013, Art Williams, the Camp Reynolds Project Manager, was contacted by Dion Magestro. In the fall of 2012 he purchased the marker at the Mercer Company, a salvage yard in Sharon, PA. He inquired whether the Camp Reynolds Project might be interested in the marker.
Art let Dion know that the marker had been stolen. Upon hearing that, he was more then glad to return the marker back to the State of PA without charge.
A meeting was arranged for the end of June. Art, along with Nick Nottingham, a junior at Reynolds High School, went and picked up the marker.
With the help of Karen Galle, the State Historical Marker Coordinator arrangements were made for Art to drop off the marker to Clearfield Electric in Clearfield, PA. There the marker will be refurbished and be put back up at a later date.
Photo: Clearfield Electric owner Les Turner Photo: Nick (left) & Dion (right) with Marker