Colonel Cherrington








5th Commander
LT. COLONEL GEORGE BLANEY - Served from 12/11/1944 to 9/17/1945

He was appointed Commanding Officer on 12/11/1944. He succeeded Brigadier General Jesse A. Ladd who was transferred to Indiantown Gap Military Reservation. He arrived at the camp in 1/1943 and was Executive Officer of the Second Regiment. On 11/14/1943 he was named Assistant Executive Officer of the post. He continued as Commander until he was replaced by Colonel Medorem Crawford Jr. on 9/20/1945. He was transferred to Fort Eustis, VA

A native of Swampscott, Mass.
Received Bachelor of Arts Degree from Harvard University in 1907.
Received Bachelor of Law Degree from Harvard University in 1909.He enlisted in the Massachusetts Coast Artillery Corps and rose through the non-commissioned ranks.
He was commissioned as a second Lieutenant in 6/1916.
He practiced Law in Boston, MA until 1917.
He was called active duty on 7/25/1917.
He went overseas in 3/1918.
He participated in a number of famed WWI offensives.
He was promoted to Captain on Armistice Day.
He returned to the United States in 1/1919.
He assumed command of Battery C, 57th Artillery at Fort Hancock, NY.
He later was transferred to Fort Winfield Scott in San Francisco, CA.
On 7/1921 he was transferred to Hawaii serving at Forts Ruger and Kamehameha.
After graduating in 1925 from the Battery Officers course at Fort Monroe VA he was ordnance officer of the
harbor defenses at Boston MA.
In 6/1931 after graduating from the advance course  of the coast artillery school at Fort Monroe, VA he was
sent Panama and stationed at Fort Amnodor.
He returned to Boston, MA in 11/1933 as outpost officer of the harbor defenses.
In 12/1933 he was appointed civil works administrator of harbor defenses.
In 6/1934 he became an instructor for the Maine National Guard at Rockland.
He was promoted to the rank of Major in1935.
He went Hawaii in 1938 in as adjutant and plans and training officer of the harbor defenses at Honolulu.
He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel on 7/26/1940.
He returned to the US in 1/1941.
He held a number of asignmens at Fort Eustis, VA. on 5/3/1943 he went to Camp Davis, NY as inspector of
the A.A.A. school.
He arrived at Camp Reynolds in 1/1943.
11/14/1943 he was named Assistant Executive Officer of the post.
He was appointed Commanding Officer on 12/11/1944.

He and his wife lived at 94 College Ave in Greenville, PA.
He had two daughters, Alice Elizabeth and Marguerite Erskine who were attending  St. Catherine's School in Richmond, VA.
The camp became the Army's first full time Canvas and Webbing Repair Shop under his command.
The camp had a complement of 300 men to man the hospital and care for the prisoners of war.
The Repair Shop had 220 employees in 9/29/45.