Colonel Cherrington








1st Commander
COLONEL GEORGE H. CHERRINGTON - Served from 11/4/1942 to 5/22/1943
Colonel Cherrington was named Commanding Officer on 11/4/1942. He continued as Commander until he was replaced by Colonel Zim E. Lawhon on 5/22/1943 whom he aided in his transition. His first public appearance at the camp was at the unofficial flag raising on 9/6/1942 when he spoke briefly and made frequent visits to the camp while it was under construction with Col. Herbert Vogel, Pittsburgh District Engineer. He was Provost Marshall of Western PA and Director of the Internal Security Force before being named Commander. After being replaced at the camp in 5/22/1943 he was transferred to New Cumberland, PA in 6/1943. 

He was born on 11/25/1883 and was a native of Covington, Ky.
He was a veteran of WWI both at home and overseas.
He entered the service as a Major in 1918.
His first military service was with the 99th Division. (Major of Ordnance or a Major in Ordnance)
He served in connection with war production facilities.
After serving overseas in WWI he resigned in 1919.
He took up residence with his wife and son  at 5851 Marlborough, Ave. in Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh PA.
He became associated with the Brown and Zortman Machinery Co. and the Standard Machinist Supply Co. as president and general manager of each of the firms.
He also was president of the Associated Machine Tool Dealers of America and director and vice president of the William Penn Trust Co. He had been affiliated with the firms for about 35 years.
He retained a Reserve Commission after WWI.
He entered the US army Reserves as a Major in 1922
He was promoted to Lt Col in 1928 and to full Colonel in 1935 or 36. 
He later became commanding officer of the 308th Cavalry, a reserve cavalry regiment based in Western Pennsylvania, which is a unit of the 62nd Cavalry Brigade.
Previous to that he was the ranking officer in the Western PA area as executive officer of the Second Military Area of the former Third Corps Area, now the Third Service Command,
Recalled to active duty in Jan 9, 1941, he became the Assistant Executive Officer for the Second Military Area serving as procurement officer for Army personnel.
He was Provost Marshall of Western PA and Director of the Internal Security Force (Promoted by Major General Reckford, commanding officer of the Third Service Command) before becoming commander of the camp.
On Thursday 9/30/1943 he announced a 2 1/2 month leave preparatory to formal retirement.
He retired 12/11/43 to his home was 5851 Marlborough Ave. Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh PA.
Upon his retirement he resumed duties as president and general manager of Brown and Zortman
Machinery Co and the Standard Machinist Supply Co.
Colonel George H. Cherrington - 61 - 11/25/1883 to 9/5/1945
Died on 9/5/1945 of a heart attack in the afternoon on the golf course at the Field Club in Fox Chapel.
He was a horseman and a member of the Pittsburgh Hunt Club.
He was an active horseman and a member of the Duquesne Club, the Pittsburgh Athletic Club, the Field Club, the Scottish Rite, Knights Templar and the Shrine and past master of George W. Guthrie Lodge F. and A. M.
He was also a member of the state and national engineering societies. He was affiliated with the firms of Brown & Zortman Machinery Co. and the Standard Machinist Supply Co. for about 35 years. He was survived by a daughter, Mrs. Donald P. Cowan of Pittsburgh and a son, Lt. George H. Cherrington Jr. which was en-route to the Pacific area at the time of his father's death. Funeral was held at H. Samson's Funeral Home at 537 Neville Street Pittsburgh, PA..