Colonel Crawford








6th Commander
COLONEL MEDOREM CRAWFORD JR. - Served from 9/17/1945 to 1/16/46
He was appointed Commanding Officer on 9/16/1945. He succeeded Lt. Colonel George Blaney who had been transferred to Fort Eustis, VA. He continued as Commander until he was replaced by Major Roy E. Hultz on 1/16/1946. He was then transferred to Fort George E. Meade, MD.

Born at Fort Monroe, VA
His dad was a Brigadier General.
He attended St. John's College at Annapolis and University of Maryland, Class of 1909.
Entered the army on 10/7/1911 as a 2nd Lieutenant of infantry.
Was promoted to 1st Lieutenant on 7/1/1916.
Promoted to Captain on 5/15/1917. Promoted to Major on 6/7/1918.
He served overseas for 7 months during WWI in France and Germany as battalion commander of the 26th Infantry, First Division.
After WWI he graduated from the Command and General Staff School and the Infantry School, advanced course.
He became a Lieutenant Colonel on 8/1/1935.
He was promoted to full Colonel on11/1/1940.
Spent 15 months overseas in WWII and was a awarded the Bronze Star.
His last assignment was commanding officer of troops in the Paris area.
Upon returning to the US he was assigned to Camp Reynolds as Commanding Officer.

He had 34 years of service before being named Commanding Officer at Camp Reynolds.
His daughter, Barbara, the wife of Major James M. Austin, an Air Corps intelligent officer, stationed in Berlin was also with him at the camp.
His ancestors had been members of the regular Army since the Revolutionary War days.
He maintained a keen interest in the outdoor sports and had a fishing lodge in Ontario, Canada.