Major Winters








8th Commander
MAJOR ROY H. WINTERS - Served from 1/29/1946 to 2/28/1946
He was appointed as the last commanding officer on 1/29/1946 and succeeded Major Roy E. Hultz. He continued as Commander until the camp was officially closed in 2/28/1946.

The last flag lowering took place at the camp on Tuesday February 26, 1946 at 5:00 PM.
The camp officially closed on Thursday February 28, 1946.
March 1, 1946 the camp was placed under control of the district engineers at Baltimore. 
Greater portion of the camp become the property of the Veterans Administration and Captain (Major) McDonald
Hunt, representative of the district engineers of the Army, remained in charge of the camp until the Veterans
Administration decided on disposition of the property.
Photo below shows Major Winters (right) handing over the keys to Army Engineer Captain McDonald Hunt, .